It was the last week of June. The company was ready to launch. Everything was in place – the philosophy, the plan, the paperwork. Just one detail amiss: a name.


I gave myself until the first week of July to find a suitable moniker. On the first of July, a white cat appeared in my backyard. For three days I looked out my window to find the cat gazing up at me from the grass. On the fourth day, I found it circling the pond near the back fence. Deciding that there had to be some meaning to the cat’s presence, I looked it in the eye and asked, “White cat, what do you have to tell me?” That night, before I fell asleep, a word burbled up: Blurb.


The next day I looked up the definition of the word in various sources.


The Canadian Oxford Dictionary description:


blurb   n. a promotional (usually complimentary) description, esp. printed on a book’s jacket by its publisher. v.intr. & tr. print or utter a blurb.


This Wikipedia explanation was the clincher:


A blurb is a short summary or promotional piece accompanying a creative work. The word originated in the 1906 book by humorist Gelett Burgess, Are You A Bromide? On the dust jacket, under her picture, a young lady, Miss Belinda Blurb, offered elaborate compliments on the contents of the book.   Above her read "YES, this is a 'BLURB'!"


What is the name of the next book Mr. Burgess wrote in 1907? The White Cat



Creative connections are all around us. Blurb can help you find them.


Belinda Bruce

Creative Director