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Health/ Lifestyle/ Culture


Spring Cleaning (Coastlines)

Cheap Radicals (Vancouver Review)

Tea: Full steam ahead (Coastlines)

Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick (Coastlines)

Style Statement (Coastlines)

Branding & PR


PTC Press Kit

Updated branding concept by creating new tagline & presentation package for theatre centre. * Copy & Design

Obstructions Series Press Releases

A performance series by 11 theatre companies of Progress Lab over a year and a half.

Catalogue of Independent Arts

Feature page in local guidebook

Part of Tugboat Media branding team to create site name and tagline for subscription-based social networking website featuring video content devoted to the story of growing up – from the kid's perspective.

e-Newsletters - Theatre Conspiracy, Pi Theatre



Going Coastal: Summer Activity Guide (Coastlines)

Take A Hike (Coastlines)

In-Spa-ration West Coast Spas (Coastlines)

Tigh-Na-Mara Resort (Coastlines)



Mark Petersen (Tonic Records onesheet)

musica intima (Vancouver Review)

Blue Rodeo's James Gray (Bayview Post)

2 Pianos, 4 Hands (Village Post)




Business Booming for Boomers (Coastlines)

The Next-Generation Office (Coastlines)

Victoria's Tech Mecca (Coastlines)

Art, Architecture & Design


Enjoying the View (Design Quarterly)

Creative Spaces: Creighton & Skeet (Arts Alive)

Creative Spaces: Grace Gordon-Collins (Arts Alive)

Bad Dog Arts (Arts Alive)

Sawubona (Arts Alive)

Direct Mail


Peace Arch Hospital: letter and envelope teaser

Vancouver Review: Magazine subscription renewal

*Co-created concept, text & lead lines & designed all components